About us

These are writings and happenings of the Youth With A Mission community from Modesto, California. We are friends sharing the good news about Jesus and simple works of mercy to know God and make Him known. We are reaching out to sit with the forgotten, the poor, and the church. We are regularly working on the street in our city, hosting teams from other churches and organizations, sharing our stories and music and working with friends internationally.

We are friends who are praying and working to be a creative, compassionate community in broken and forgotten places.  We live by the kingdom principles of giving and receiving and seek to be a collective catalyst, releasing one another and friends around us into the good things of God.

We serve the local community...

Each Tuesday and Friday, at 10:30am, we set up a cafe on South 9th Street in the parking lot of the Arrow Inn. We bring coffee, some food and friendship. We also host a community Bible study on Thursday afternoons at 12pm at N's Donut shop. 

Friendship is the heart of our little team. Out of friendship comes everything else. We walk with friends through recovery from substance abuse. We are with friends on the journey to and back to relationship with Jesus. We share prayer and support through difficult and joyful seasons of life. And we seek to engage our creativity in being a voice with these friends to build toward a better world.

We serve the church....

We connect with local congregations and greater networks of church and ministry workers to build relationships and serve where we can. We host teams from churches and organizations to teach them the joy of simple outreach by taking them along with us to 9th St. and other hurting places in our city. We partner with inter-church worship, community building and outreach efforts.

We serve a Mission...  

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is a specialized, inter-denominational missionary order desiring “to know God and make Him known.”  YWAM is committed to...

Convey the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Change lives through training.

Care for those in need around the world.

We are aligned with this vision and one or more of these elements is a part of everything we do.  We connect with others in our mission regionally for mutual prayer and conference.  We teach our style of relational outreach to YWAM trainees when called on.